Monday, May 16, 2011

Busy as Bees

I realize that I haven't been very productive with blog posts this spring. We've been pretty busy. Maybe not as busy as the three families of birds nesting on our garage (the chickadees did indeed join the robins and blue jays so it is pretty high density living in our backyard). But spring business seems to really take my Susan away from the keyboard.

I can't say that every activity is dog-centered. 

The Easter eggs weren't for eating. And why the heck not when some creepy bunny hides them all over the house at night? They said no eating the bunny either...sigh. And they didn't seem to need much help hunting for their Easter baskets. I could have found them with my sniffer in thirty seconds- who needs all those silly clues?

Boy#2 turned twelve! But he didn't share his ice cream cake with moi!


The whole family was away a lot volunteering at some Plant Sale. All those plants look like they need to be peed on...

Susan did bring home a bunch of stuff I can pee on when the weather warms up enough for her to put them in the garden. I do like gardening because I get to roam my estate on squirrel patrol (I am up to SIX, as of Sunday). Gardening makes Susan happy. She stays home, gives me bones to chew on, and rubs my belly whenever I ask. Gardening rocks.

Susan and Boy#2 have also been doing a lot of deck repair, replacing rotten boards. I help by testing out the boards. These seem sound. But I should test them more just to be sure.

And then there is the business of sitting in the sun. That takes a lot of time. 

I think the bees have us beat.

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