Friday, March 25, 2011

Reasons to Come Home

Whenever my Dave travels, we send him a picture of the evening meal he is missing so he comes back home again. 

Roasted rosemary garlic chicken (not that Dave eats chicken),
mashed potatoes, spinach-strawberry-smoked salmon-feta salad w/balsamic vinegar.
Boy#2 like his fruit and vegies untainted so gets them straight up.

Olive ciabatta with red pepper-feta-mint spread
and chicken salad, roasted squash, spinach-feta salad.

Rice and lentils, roasted cauliflower,
vegie samosas w/mint chuntey, and a smoothie.

Dave messages back photos of airport food so they all feel bad for him.

Actually, this looks mighty tasty to me.

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