Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dyeing to Be Different

You may have caught the recent Associated Press article about dyeing dogs. That's right, some folks think that dogs don't come in enough variety - or just aren't as eye-catching as they could be. Plain dogs apparently don't garner enough attention for some owners when out and about.

This dye craze runs the gamut from rainbow colors to transforming your dog into a different animal altogether. I suppose real pandas, real tigers and real ninja turtles don't make great pets so they thought "let's make the dog do it." Sigh.

The article didn't have many photos. But it wasn't hard to find examples these unfortunate animals.The wrongness of it all speaks for itself. But I suppose it is better than leaving your dog in a hot car.

All's fair in fashion. Ha ha ha. I really can't imagine how these cat owners pulled it off.  Cats won't work for treats. (Honestly, I suspect Photoshop in these examples.)

He looks pissed. 


  1. Some people really shouldn't be allowed to be responsible for any other animate being. Pet rocks are the only thing they should be allowed.

  2. Although I agree that the cats were Photoshopped. Have you seen the book Why Paint Cats?