Saturday, February 6, 2010

Zip It, Eeyore

I know taking pot shots at weathermen generally resides in the realm of lawyer jokes and poodle tutu remarks. I know that we feel the weight of These Uncertain Economic Times and the niggling (or raging, if you listen to folks at the dog park) disappointment that President Obama is not Spiderman, Jesus or, at the very least, Harry Potter. And I know it is February and we are all feeling a little glum that we are not digging in the dirt and laying in the sun.

But could we stop it with the Eeyore crap, Mr. Weatherman? Are you kidding me? SOME SUN WOULD BE NICE? WE WILL BE PINNED UNDER CLOUDS? You get pinned under your car or a fallen building. These clouds are soft and gray and downright benign. Some perspective, please.

We are currently enjoying  a stretch of balmy temperatures in the mid twenties. Practically spring for February-- and yes, this you are hearing from a gal from Kentucky. We have a light coating of fresh snow which (much to MY chagrin) has covered all the yellow stains.  I hear it isn't hard shoveling and it is certainly fun for bounding. Little flakes are floating down as the wind has gone to the East coast. The ice has abated. The sidewalks are reasonable. Even the weatherman says in smaller print to "enjoy the mild temperatures"- but quickly adds that we shouldn't cheer up too much because it will be "much cooler next week."

It is nice out today. Get outside and find out for yourself. Don't let Eeyore Schaffer make you frown into your dog bowl.


  1. Carmella, you are a far wiser commentator than many human pundits. You put things in their proper perspective, that getting out and walking today isn't too bad--or too cold, and people are getting snarky that Obama hasn't performed a single miracle yet and he's been President for a whole year. A bucketfull of yellow snow on them!

  2. Paul Douglas is back! No more Eeyore!